The Most Terrifying Places on Our Planet

The most terrifying places on our planetThese are the places and the buildings immortalized in lots of legends and mystical stories. These are the places that make you feel creepy all over.
Those who are looking for some kind of exciting experience and need more adrenalin in blood can easily go without any parachuting jumps or escaping from the snow-slips. Those who are not keen on doing sports but who like travelling a lot prefer travelling around the strange and terrifying places which are quite sufficient on our planet as it turns out. It is not always Prypiat where the real anthropogenic disaster happened. These are the places that are described in lots of legends. These are the places that could easily be really good shots for horror films and thrillers full of suspense.

The Winchester Mystery House

California, USA

The Winchester Mystery House

There are 160 rooms, 40 stairways, and one big mystery. Here is what the Winchester Mystery House really is: it is the large country estate located in San Jose, California and occupied by a madwoman, the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester, and numerous ghosts. Everything started with the fact that Sara  Winchester lost her husband and inherited his multimillion fortune. Later on the spirit of the dead husband came to her and told her unhappy news: the money was made on people’s bones, so all the Winchester family was cursed and the ghosts would revenge. There was only one way to reconcile with them  that was to start building the house. The most desirable was not to stop building it because as soon as the noise made by the hammers stopped the woman would die.
Sara immediately started the construction. The latter-day woman-millionaire bought an old mansion in California and hired the builders. The new rooms, corridors, balconies and secret passageways started appearing in the house. The cobweb of stairways twined round all the floors, but these stairways led to nowhere – in this way Mrs. Winchester (who was gradually going mad) hoped to addle the ghosts chasing her. The house grew by leaps and bounds, the construction wasn’t stopped for more than 24 hours and in this way it continued for 38 years! Today there are guided tours to this house. It is not recommended to stray from your group as you will get lost at the same instant in the mazes of scary rooms, where (as they say) the ghosts are still waiting for their victims.

Aokigahara (the Sea of Trees)


Aokigahara (the Sea of Trees)
The gloomy forest at the foot of the of Mount Fuji would be a perfect place to shoot the “The Blair Witch Project”. The sunrays hardly ever struggle through the thick tree crowns, and the tourists’ compasses go wrong here. The Japanese call this place “The forest of suicides” as since 1950s more than 500 persons went to their account in the dark depths of the forest. As for the number of suicides committed in  the Aokigahara  forest only the Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge  in San Francisco can compare to it in this relation.
Instead of warning boards as “Don’t drop litter” for example there are placards with the request to think about the family and friends first of all. There are telephone emergency service numbers everywhere. Video surveillance is also provided here. But people (mostly clerks dressed in smart clothes and tired of office routine) continue dying regularly: peaceful tourists come across on the bodies of the dead from time to time as well as so to say murder weapons, such as pills or nooses. So, have a pleasant walk!

Overtoun Bridge


Overtoun Bridge
The old arched bridge is situated not far from the Scottish village of Milton. Nearby there is the massive mansion of Overtoun (called Overtoun House) that could become the refuge for thousands of displeased ghosts. As for the Overtoun House we have no reason for complaints, but as for the Overtoun Bridge… The matter is in the middle of the XX century strange things started happening there: thousands of dogs threw themselves down from the 15-meter height, fell onto the rocks and died. Those ones who survived turned back again and repeated their attempt. Overtoun Bridge turned into the real pet-killer.
For the 10-year period about several hundreds of dogs died on the bridge. All of them jumped from the same parapet. No one can understand what makes the dogs jump to the precipice. Zoologists, vets and other professionals  tried to find the answer to this tricky question. Soon they managed to find out that rats and minks live under the bridge, so the dogs can be led by their hunting instinct. But there was also another version as the fact that the bridge is a border between two worlds  the worlds of the quick and the dead. As soon as they smelt something paranormal the dogs started following the track and died punished for their curiosity.

The ghost city of San Zhi


The ghost city of San Zhi
The luxurious resort on the sea coast was built especially for the local rich people. The houses made in futuristic style with round-shaped rooms and twisted stairways were intended for/ those who are sick and tired of banalities. But during the construction period it turned out that the city of San Zhi was a cursed one. Tens of builders died in suspicious circumstances: they broke their necks, falling from the height (even on the condition they used safety equipment), or were killed by the fallen hoisting cranes. The population of the neighboring areas was sure that the city was full of evil angels. There were lots of scary stories about the Japanese death camp that was located in this area some time ago.
In the end of 1980s the construction was stopped. The investors waited for “space” apartments of San Zhi will find their purchasers , but the negotiations ended in nothing. Learning about the ominous features of this area, the superstitious Taiwanese refused to invest money in such estate property. As a result the resort gradually turned into the ghost-city. The pounchy houses stay in desolation, the picturesque beaches are abandoned, and the paths become overgrown with weeds.  First the local authorities were ready to demolish the abandoned resort, but they were stopped by the wave of protests, as local population is afraid of the fact that after the houses are demolished the evil spirits will head for the nearest villages.

Poveglia Island


Poveglia Island
The tiny island of Poveglia not far from Venice is covered the thick mist of scary stories. For several decades in the XIV century when the  Black Death was raging around the world those who were infected with the plague that is those who were fatal cases and had no hope for survival were brought here. Here, on this island there was the mass grave where thousands of bodies were buried. There is the version that the bodies were burned down, not buried, and this became the reason why the soil of Poveglia consists of human body ashes by 50 %.
But it is only the beginning of the scary story in fact. In 1922 the psychiatric hospital appeared on the island. Almost all of the patients started suffering the terrible headaches soon after arrival and started complaining about the fact that the hospital is full of spirits of dead people. It was all right for the chief physician, who stuffed his patients with neuroleptic medicines and carried out an experiment on them. On the island there is still the old tumbledown building of the hospital with guarded windows, hospital beds and the fragments of medical equipment. There is also a bell tower here (which is used as a lighthouse now). According to the legend it is the very bell tower from which the mad doctor threw himself down in the end of the story.



The village of Jatinga located in the mountains of the Indian state of Assam has the second name – the birds’ cemetery. Every year in August big flocks of birds appear in the sky above the local valley. They fall to the ground with cries. This massive suicide lasts for several days, and the half of birds die. The rest of them look and behave like if they are under hypnosis, they even let people take them in their hands. The farmers call this scary phenomenon the nights of falling birds and intentionally gather together in the evening by the fire to watch the long-lasting birds’ falling. Indians consider it to be the gift of God.
Ornithologists study this phenomenon of Jatinga for many years. According to one of their versions the reason for that is the geophysical anomalies which make the birds run off their course.  Another idea is that the birds get into the powerful streams of the wind, lose their physical forces and then are carried by the wind towards the village. Seeing the fires burning the birds rush to the light and die, being unable to estimate the distance.

The Island of the Dolls


The Island of the Dolls
It is possible to get to this horrible kingdom of the Aztec country by the famous Xochimilco channels. The views surrounding the tourists will be to the taste of those who like the film about  Chucky, the doll-killer: every tree and every building are decorated with scary dolls with empty eye sockets, broken extremities and splintered heads.  All this was organized by the lad Julian Barrera by the name. One day when a girl drowned in the channel he occasionally found the doll on the site of occurrence. Believing that the doll is related in some way to the spirit of the dead girl, Barrera left it on the island. Then he found another doll. And then he couldn’t stop and continued collecting the dolls at the rubbish heaps for the following fifty years.
The mad Mexican (who by the way liked to do the drink thing) even built the shelter of branches on the island where he finally settled. The collection of disfigured dolls continued to grow bigger. One day the island suddenly disappeared under the water (it happens from time to time in Mexico), and soon appeared on the surface again, but its inhabitant disappeared by that time without leaving any trace. Only the dolls are left there, and the tourists who are not indifferent to scary stories come to watch them.

Mary King’s Close

Edinburgh, Scotland

Mary King's Close
400 years ago the Mary King area (Mary King was the owner of the most part of houses located here) was one of the busiest places in Edinburgh. The situation changed when the plague epidemic started in the city. There is the legend which tells that trying to prevent the spread of infection the local authorities isolated all the infected people in one area, and then surrounded it with the dead wall. People were brought to the Mary King area during several epidemics, and they died without getting any help from outside the walls. Among these people there was a small girl called Anny. The child was taken away from her family and locked in ‘the city of the dead’ as she was infected. It is known for certain, that only the part of this legend is the invention. In fact there was no any wall, but the quarantine for those  who were infected and visited by the doctor really took place.
Today the underground areas of Edinburgh (the New City was long ago built above them) turned into the tourists’ attraction. They didn’t stop being scary on this reason though. It is better not to walk along the stone mazes without your guide, and you will also need to put the new batteries into your torch as there is nothing to do underground without the light. There are some stories about the fact that Mary King area is full of ghosts of dead people, and the spirit of Anny, that small girl,  grasps some “lucky” visitors by their knees.

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